The SCU Seminar

As in previous years, the 2016 seminar invited participants to learn about Freiburg, its location in the state of Baden-Württemberg (BW) and the state’s economic importance within Germany. Behind this background, course participants read and discussed articles and local news comprising a range of topics: the history of Freiburg (founded in 1120) and BW (combining the territories of Baden, Hohenzollern and Württemberg), the state´s contributions to Germany´s leading export – the car industry – the region’s dialect and cuisine (contrasting ‘Badisch’ with ‘Schwäbisch’) to Freiburg’s reputation as a ‘green’ city. Through visits to local highlights, e.g. the dominant Freiburger Münster, the Wentzingerhaus, Freiburg´s history museum or a ride on the light rail to Schauinsland and its mining museum, participants were able to bridge classroom learning with the concrete and immediate experiences available to the curious learner. As a culinary reward – and still connected to student learning – , participants enjoyed local treats, for example, the ´Bobbele´ a patented Freiburger chocolate treat, and Münsterwurst, the Freiburg hot dog.

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