The Freiburg Study Abroad Program Celebrates its 10th Anniversary

image (5)
Geoff and Josie Fox, Professor Hellebrandt, Max Rauenbuehler, Karl Baumgartner, Emily Hamlin, and Walter Schmidt at Freiburg’s city center.

For the past 10 years, the Freiburg summer study abroad program has offered Santa Clara students the opportunity to gain insight into the historical, cultural, and social aspects of the German-speaking world, all within the span of 4 weeks. Nestled at the foot of the Black Forest mountains, Germany’s Green City with its historical monuments and ecological policy offers a classic blend of old and new.

Geoff and Josie Fox, pictured left, are long-term friends of the German Studies Program at Santa Clara and provide annual on-site support to students who choose this city as their study abroad destination.

Walter Schmidt, pictured right, is a Freiburg local known to the students of this program as an adventurous tour guide, comedian, and pro-bicyclist.

Welcoming SCU students Max Rauenbuehler, Karl Baumgartner, and Emily Hamlin, the Freiburg study abroad program continues to grow in the members of its family, marking a decade of its success.

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